2021 Jewish Homeschooling Summit

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Join DHC andAni VeAmi for a uniquely Jewish perspective on homeschooling! Whether you're looking for Judaic studies resources, still figuring out what being Jewish means to your family, or simply feeling lonely as the only Jewish homeschooler in your area, we are here to help! We offer advice, inspiration, and networking opportunities, as well as a Vendor Hall full of resources for Jewish homeschool families. Feel supported in your homeschooling journey!

Our summit is jam-packed with information, tools, and tips to help you homeschool your Jewish children successfully! You will learn:

  • How homeschooling and parenting go hand in hand 
  • How to inspire your child to love learning
  • How to teach Judaic studies
  • How to choose curriculum resources
  • How to teach Hebrew as a second language
  • How to teach your child to pray 
  • How to homeschool children with special needs

And much more!

Some of our topics and speakers:

Homeschooling and Parenting: Two Sides of the Same Coin by Sara Rayvich

How Do We Say It in Hebrew? Teaching Modern Hebrew as a Second Language by Saifan Man

Seven Voices of Leadership: How to Guide Girls to Discover Their Leadership Voices through Exploring the Lives of the Seven Prophetesses by Nechama Laber

How I Choose Curriculum Resources for My Family by Ophira Levant

Tefillah - Our Children's Most Important Tool to Connect to Hashem by Tamar Nussbaum

Special Needs Jewish Homeschooling Q&A with Amy Bodkin

You will also have an opportunity to participate in homeschool giveaways, as well as access to exclusive coupons and discounts on homeschool products and services for the convention participants.


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